What kind of flowers should you send a man

What kind of flowers should you send a man?

Well, who wouldn’t love to be surprised by flowers? Often the stereotype says it’s only girls who appreciate bouquets and flowers, in general, as gifts. But men, too, like to be gifted flowers apart from pens, perfumes, watches, wallets, etc.

Sometimes, flowers are categorized, arbitrarily, as being feminine gifts or gifts that can only be received by women.

We, at Choco Fantasy, believe that even men need to be appreciated by gifting them with bouquets or maybe a flower too. Ladies, it’s time to take your man by surprise and gift him an exclusive bouquet from our shelf.

Flowers are a great way to express your feelings. Whether you’re sending them to someone special or a friend in need, flowers have an incredible power to make people feel better. And while we’ve all heard that roses are the classic choice for men, what else can you send them?

Here’s our guide on which kinds of flowers men love most:

Therefore, we bring you an elegant and fresh collection of bouquets from our store:


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 1

“Roses are red….” is a line we are all familiar with. The start of an infamous line of poetry says it all. Who doesn’t cherish red roses?

Red roses are also symbolic in conveying a simple gesture, maybe even a grand one, or as intimate as gifting it to a special person. A red rose goes a long way and can especially be a gift men would appreciate too.

So, Choco Fantasy brings to you a stunning and beautiful bouquet of not ten, not twenty, not even thirty, but, a hundred red roses that are freshly plucked just for you in the special Red Rose Bouquet, exclusively available in our online store.

The roses are tenderly wrapped with a soft white cloth and green filler and a pink ribbon to add to their grace.

Be it his birthday, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or maybe it is just an ordinary day which is turning out to be a dull day for him, a gift to a brother or any other relative, this time take the men in your life by surprise and gift them this exquisite bouquet of red roses just to tell them that how important they are to you and they, too, deserve flowers, just like you.

Choco Fantasy also has the option of customizing and personalizing gifts. Pair the bouquet with Choco Fantasy’s Dark Nuts Chocolate bar or even Chocolate Truffles. Like a cherry on top of a (chocolate) cake.

Roses are a classic gift for any occasion. They’re also one of the most popular flowers in the world and are often used to express love, sympathy, or appreciation. If you have your heart set on sending roses this Valentine’s Day, here are some other great options:

  • Orchids – these flowers have a long history as symbols of beauty and love; they can be grown easily at home or purchased from an online source like Amazon Prime delivery service (or even Walmart).
  • Gerber Daisies – another flower with strong cultural significance (especially during WWII), Gerber daisies come in all colors except red/pink which only makes sense because they were developed by farmers who didn’t want their seeds mixed up with other types!

Buy Rose flowers for him online in India from Choco Fantasy Store. Check out our rose bouquet collections:


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 2

The first that comes to our mind when we think of flowers is how pretty and unique they appear to be and when we think of flowers as a gift, the first thing that comes up is bouquets.

Bouquets can make someone smile even on their worst day and a flower, in itself, is the pure essence of joy. Quite often we see men gifting or bringing flowers to and for women. But it’s hardly the other way round.

So, hey, why don’t you gift an important man in your life or maybe those men in your life who deserve all your extra love and care, by visiting our store?

Yes, with Choco Fantasy’s exclusive collection of bouquets, like Red Rose Seasonal Bouquet, Red Rose Bouquet (with the option of attaching photographs), and a lot more, we’re sure they’ll adore your gift for a long time.

But here’s where we make it even more special to make it stand out for your loved one. Choco Fantasy stores an exclusive bouquet of red roses that can be customized with photographs of all sizes.

After all, sometimes, men deserve the love gone overboard, too.


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 3

Didn’t find the red rose options above according to your taste? Well, we have plenty more in our store. Say, what do you think about white roses?

Maybe a bouquet full of them? Yes, you heard that right. Choco Fantasy’s online store has a special bouquet made of white roses, exclusively available.

Presenting to you Choco Fantasy’s freshly handpicked White Rose Bouquet. White roses are rare, compared to red roses, and are anything but typical.

Well, if red roses don’t do the trick, then the white ones will surely seal the deal. Available now, you can even customize this bouquet with white chocolates, maybe a stylish leather wallet, or even a watch.

We have plenty of accessories to choose from. Gift a special white rose bouquet to the hardworking brother or your best friend who stays out of town, maybe even to your boss on his birthday, etc.

Wait no more. Check out the bouquet and other bouquet options from our store.


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 4

Well, taking a break from roses, we also bring to you Choco Fantasy’s Gerbera bouquet. These beautiful flowers of red and yellow can work the magic for you.

They stand out because of their vibrant colors and elaborate shape. Plus, some men might just prefer gerberas over roses. Well, you’d know their taste better for sure.

Visit our online store and get the best deal for a wholesome gerbera bouquet. If the roses don’t help, then this one surely will.


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 5

The list does not end there and frankly, this is not some bouquet, again. Choco Fantasy’s online store has a very out-of-the-box collection of color-changing, handcrafted flowers that are available in various aromas and colors.

Exclusively made in India, these artificial flowers make excellent gifts and are pocket-friendly, too. Presenting Nayra Magical Flower collection. A simple flower of color and glow never did any harm ever, did it?

This gift is especially for the men of the house and for the house, too as it serves as a stunning home décor item.

Well, maybe one for his working table or one just to make him smile and add a refreshing aroma, this little flower can also be chosen based on his favorite color.

Plus, we can even add customizations according to your choice.

These aren’t the most natural flowers to give men but they certainly are rare and probably the sweetest looking man-made flowers (your showcase agrees).


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 6

Lilies are a great gift for men because they’re long-lasting and beautiful. They also smell delicious, so you know your man will love you more for this thoughtful present.

Lilies are easy to find, too—you can find them at most flower shops or online. The best part about lily flowers is that they last for weeks! This makes them perfect for people who want a sweet surprise but don’t have time on their side (like me).


Carnations are the flower of love and romance. They’re a popular choice for gifts, both men and women can’t resist them.

The carnation is a symbol of affection, so you should send him one when he’s feeling down or needs some cheering up. It’s also an excellent way to tell him how much you care about him as an individual—and that you’re willing to spend time working through any issues that might come up between the two of you in order to keep things running smoothly at home together!


Daisies are a great choice for a man’s gift. They’re simple and sweet, and they’re great for any occasion.


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 7

Tulips are a classic and for good reason. They’re beautiful and sweet, making them a great choice for both men and women. If you want to send flowers that will leave your recipient feeling happy, this is one of the best options out there.

Tulips are also perfect for any occasion: they can be sent as gifts on Valentine’s Day or just because you care about someone very much; they’re also great as an anniversary gift (if you’re planning on getting married). Some people like tulips because they think it shows how much time has passed since the last time they saw each other—but whatever reason you have for sending these flowers will work!


What kind of flowers should you send a man? 8

Orchids are a great choice for men because they’re beautiful but also have a high price point. They’re an excellent gift for the man in your life who is hard to buy gifts for, whether because he has everything or just because he doesn’t like getting them.

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What kind of flowers should you send a man? 9

Sunflowers are a classic gift for men. They’re easy to grow and are a great way to show appreciation. Whether you need to give them as an anniversary or birthday gift, or if you just want them as a way of saying thank you for something he does for you (like taking out the trash), sunflowers are always appreciated by men.

If your man is feeling down in the dumps about life in general, sending him sunflowers can help lift his spirits up again!

Check out this RED GERBERAS that you can buy for your boyfriend or husband for the anniversary.

Here is a curveball

You may also like to gift him some chocolates along with flowers which not just makes the gift better but also has a deeper meaning to it. Both signify love & affection and that should be a way to go forward. Here are a few of our suggestions for him.

Another way is to give him something that will tap his work side of life, some corporate gifts might just help. They are very useful & have a lot of class attached to it. You can find some here

What kind of flowers do guys like?

Flowers are a great gift for men. They’re simple, but they can make any occasion feel special. It’s true that flowers are often associated with romance, but this doesn’t mean that you should only send them to the man in your life at those times—you can also send flowers to him on his birthday or anniversary, or even just because he’s done something nice for you (like making dinner).

Flowers have been used as a symbol of love since ancient times; Romans believed that aromatic plants would keep away evil spirits and protect against curses, while Egyptians believed them to be more powerful than food because eating them could change their behavior (and thus the world).

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over millennia worth of human history around these beautiful little blooms: we all want our lives to be filled with joy! So if someone else has made your day happier then what do they deserve? Well, maybe some red roses might do the trick!

Whatever kind of flower(s) makes sense based on who else is involved in sending them along with how much time there is between now and when they arrive at their destination…

Final Words

These are certainly some of the best ways we could think of when it comes to gifting men with flowers. But hey, a small letter or poem, handwritten by you, along with any flower item, may just be described as a complete gift for the special man or men in your life.

We deliver all over India so that while you decide on the best gift(s) to buy, we ensure that you, as our customer, are satisfied and never let down by us.

Sending flowers can be an affordable and meaningful gift for men. There are so many different types of flowers that you can send, it’s hard to go wrong with any one choice.

If you want to make sure your gift will be perfect, then consider what kind of relationship you have with the recipient before choosing which flower is right for them.

So, wait no more, visit our store today and shop for the best flower gift items for men.

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