Best Children's Day Gift Ideas

Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Student

14th November, on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the nation celebrates “Children’s Day”.

A very special day for the children of India to celebrate themselves. They are the future of India and it is very important to celebrate them. “Chacha Nehru” the children called them fondly.

Kids love surprises and receiving gifts.

To see them happy gives adults the ultimate pleasure. They love their gifts in various sizes and shapes. Maybe not what they are receiving but the packaging shapes and the way they are being presented make them feel special.

On this Children’s day, let’s bring some smiles to the faces of children.

Here are some of the best children’s day gift ideas for students.

Best Children's Day Gift Ideas for Student 1
Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Student
  1. Chocofantasy Smiley: Kids love chocolates and they love cute smileys. A perfect mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate made into smileys. Tasty pieces of handmade chocolates are bound bring about a smile in their faces.

  2. Chocofantasy Cone: Kids love cones. Be it ice cream or a cone of chocolates, they are sure to love them. Here comes Chocofantasy cone, handmade chocolates put in a cone shaped packaging to light up the eyes of the little ones.

  3. Chocofantasy Pyramid: Pyramids, by the name of it are adventurous in nature and believe it or not packing chocolates in pyramid shapes boxes will make it very attractive.

  4. Chocofantasy White Gift Box: Here is a big one. A 20 piece chocolate box with various types of chocolates. Butter scotch, Caramel, Coffee, Nuts, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate to feast on. These boxes comes with a wholesome coverage of chocolate treats which will bring about excitement in the air.

  5. Chocofantasy Heart shaped lollipops: A pack of 10 heart shaped is a gift every child will want. Adding to the craze of lollipops, the fact that these are multi-flavoured will make their eyes light up in curiosity. The colours and packaging of it makes it very attractive to a child’s eye, making it a perfect gift.

  6. Plastic Crayons: Children like colours and it sparks their creativity in front of a canvas. Crayons are a worthy gift because it helps the child with development of their artistic side and helps their thoughts flow on the paper. As the child grows, art & craft will be a subject he/she will come across. Hence, a set of plastic crayons will definitely make the cut as one of the best gifts on Children’s day.

  7. Clay Rods: Another way of making the best use of a gift are clay rods. These clays comes with outliners which help the child turn the clay into various shapes. The clays come in various colours and the outliners come in various shapes and sizes. The best thing about this is that this doesn’t decay quickly. The clay is long lasting  and it witnesses the child going out of the box when he/she starts making shapes on their own without the help of the outliner. Thus, the clay is a very good way to test your child’s creativity and help is grow and glow as he/she grows.

  8. Pens: Pens are the most powerful things in the world as it changes policies and creates wonders. But for a child the value of a pen is as good as the design of it. A pen having the pictures of their favourite super hero or princess will make the child excited and spend all day with the pen. The designs come in varieties. Starting from multiple Marvel super heroes to Disney princesses, each pen has its own story and has it’s own way to make a child happy.

  9. Chhota Bheem & Mickey Mouse Fountain Pen: Chhota Bheem has created a shift in the cartoons for the kids of late 2000s or later. It is clearly their favourite cartoons and the old school version of the favourite cartoon would be Mickey Mouse which is equally famous now. Having these two characters on the pens will definitely make a mark on the child. They will get excited about would like to explore the pen and it’s uses. Getting a child excited about a pen is beneficial in the long run.
  10. Pastel Colours: Pastels colours are a perfect gift for a child who is advancing in their 2nd year of Art & Craft classes at school. As things advance the usage of Pastel colours also rises. It is one of the most utility gifts a child can get as he/she develops and explores the world of creativity and art.

Brining about a colorful and happy children’s day will give immense pleasure to the person giving gifts. The children are our future and we need to instill values in them from an early age and also show them the appreciation which will help them grow a personality.

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