Everyone is very much acquainted with the Corporate Gifting rituals, especially the ones who are indulged in the corporate world.

Such kinds of traditions are maintained to build a friendly relationship with the clients, business partners, employees, etc for the long-term stability.

It’s a kind of respect that any organization offers to its team members or business partners as a token of gratitude for positive vibes.

Positivity is the prime factor in achieving higher goals and spreading the business around the world.

But the gifts are not always related to business proposals, rather it can be offered during any occasion; be it birthdays, during different pujas, Diwali, and many more.

Sometimes the gift can also be offered for appreciation. Gift symbolism is such an honor that people receive with a smile.

So, in keeping that smile intact and building up of a healthy bonding in the corporate world, CHOCO FANTASY has all such possible gifts which can melt infinite hearts.

Whether you order for promoting business deals or celebrating a colleague’s birthday or for any occasion, we are here to fulfill all your wishes.

Corporate Gifting Bulk Orders: Here at Choco Fantasy, we understand proper work ethic and feel the importance of rewarding.

Corporate companies are another such sector that shares the same sentiment. Thus, we whole-heartedly welcome all the companies who want to collaborate with us for corporate gifting.

Last year we served Berger Paints with 9000 hampers and also had the luck to provide Staightline Solutions Pvt. Ltd.with our chocolates. The list of our satisfied customers goes on but this is not about us, but you.

If the need for presenting something to your employees arise, what is a better option to gift other than chocolates?

And when it comes to chocolates you can always put your faith in our handmade chemical-free luscious treats.

We don’t just exert our effort on chocolate making but also on its packaging to make it look like an ultimate present that will fill your employees’ or clients’ or dealers’ hearts (and bellies) with satisfaction!

You may wonder that CHOCO FANTASY, the very name itself gives us a peek into varieties of chocolate gifts, then how come it facilitates corporate gifting services?

But the answer is yes. CHOCO FANTASY is such a name where the availability of other gifts for your dear ones is into the process.

Say it Birthday, Corporate Gifts, etc we offer all sorts of hue gifts with the utmost care.

Therefore, we cordially invite you for the alliance with us for various corporate gifting programs and help us to serve you better with our handmade customized gifts.

We have already served and worked for some of the renowned companies like BERGER PAINTS with round about 9000 hampers, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies like MANKIND PHARMACEUTICALS Pvt. LMT too joined hands with us.

Luckily, we also got the order from STRAIGHT LINE SOLUTIONS Pvt. Lmt with our best quality homemade chocolates.

Our company does not only focus on gifts but also concentrate on creating unique packages that can steal anyone’s attention.

Chocolates are the very first thing which strikes us for giving any presentation, and our company manufactures one of the best quality homemade chocolates which has huge choices, flavors, according to the different taste buds.

Being one of the best quality leading suppliers of chocolates in Kolkata, we try to focus on making the best gifting packages of chocolate boxes and hampers for your dear ones.

We had all such possible flavors of chocolates for varying tasters.

Moreover, our company has already delivered a huge amount of chocolate gifts to various companies, like Just Holidays Pvt. Lmt, who ordered 250 chocolate boxes for its employee, Sparket Marketing Pvt. Lmt, who ordered 3000 as well as another 800 chocolates gift boxes.

The Nalanda Learning Systems Pvt. Lmt. has ordered 5800 chocolate hampers for their students, Vikara Service Pvt. Lmt ordered 120 chocolate boxes whereas Wave Communication and Event Pvt. Lmt had 50 boxes of chocolates, Bengal Shriram Hitech City Pvt. Lmt. had 100 gift hampers and many more.

All this assures us that the products are fresh and contain no harmful chemicals. All our orders are sincerely prepared and packed with uniqueness so that your loved ones feel excited.

Recent Success Story

We, Choco Fantasy earning some happy customers since October 2017 by providing them with one of the best quality homemade chocolates.

1st August 2019 we added a new member to our happy customers’ list. MANKIND PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies ordered from us.

As we delivered our customized assorted chocolate boxes to them, we made the boxes as per their requirements. We did the branding for them. It is a great achievement for us to work with this big company. We have already worked with big companies such as Berger Paints ltd, Nalanda learnings, Toyota etc.

And this time we achieve another milestone with Mankind Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. We are really overwhelmed and honored to have them as our satisfied clients.

Choco Fantasy delivers all over India for corporate gifting and for personal gifting. You can order homemade chocolates to gift anyone for any occasion. We also have a customization facility. You can order customized chocolate boxes. We also do personal branding for corporate companies.

You can choose between some exotic flavors like caramel-filled chocolates, butterscotch filled chocolates, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Or you can order an assorted chocolate box with different chocolate flavors.

If you want some fresh handmade chocolates then order from us and be one of our happy customers.

So, be a part of this delicious, mouth-watering Milk and Dark Chocolates with designable packaging like Cone Shaped Chocolate Boxes, Heart Shape Boxes.

Chocolate Baskets, Exclusive Chocolate Gift Boxes with Strawberry Fillings, Vanilla Fillings, Butterscotch Fillings, and various other flavors are accessible.

We have Dark Chocolates for the ones who are health conscious and diabetic, smiley on the packages are also available. Printing edible Logos on chocolates or wrappers are done here.

Customized handmade chocolate gift boxes are of huge demand, Crackers Shaped Chocolates are found here. We always try to maintain uniqueness by creating different products.

CHOCO FANTASY tries to bring forth gifts on different occasions.

We have different Aromatic Flavoured Candles like Lavender, Orange, Vanilla, etc, which can be used to decorate homes. Aromatic Jar Candles like Dewberry, as well as, Pillar Candles too are available which can be gifted to your senior or co-partner during Diwali.

For such surprises, CHOCO FANTASY has bought a list of various gifts.

During this pandemic situation, the first and foremost gifts that can be offered are Protection Masks like N95, Snug Shield, etc, Pen Shaped Sanitizer Spray and Immunity Booster are available in reasonable ranges.

Some Stationery items like Premium Range Pens and Notebooks, etc are available.

Fond of Electronic Gadgets, we have a huge like- Portable Party Speaker, Cable Card with multi-functional cable essentials, UV Pod with portable UV Sterilization Box, etc are available, Toiletry Kit, 3 in 1 Laptop, Duffel and Sling bags can also be presented to your colleagues.

All these products are sufficiently available from our company with many affordable ranges. If given chances, CHOCO FANTASY will always try its best to present before you more flavorsome products as it knows the value of authenticity.

Come partner with us for corporate events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do they accept bulk orders?

Yes, we do accept bulk orders and also provide discounts on bulk purchases.

What is the starting price of homemade chocolates in Kolkata?

We have different varieties of handmade chocolates (loose items and gift items) starting from Rs 10 to Rs 1000.

What are good corporate gifts?

Good corporate gift ideas include a handmade chocolate gift box, electronic gadgets, gift cards, dry fruits, personalized gift hampers, etc.

What is corporate gifting?

Gifts which are given by owners/ management of businesses, companies, enterprises, corporates to their clients, employees, etc, for special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, New year, Annual meetings, etc. This is known as corporate gifting.

How much should I spend on corporate gifts?

This is entirely up to the business owners or concerned authorities who oversee the budget & expenditure of the company. Typically in India, you can buy corporate gifts for as low as 100INR.

Why is corporate gifting important?

Giving gifts to employees and clients show a positive image of the company and how the company values its core employees and esteemed clients.

It is not mandatory that the gift needs to be expensive or exaggerated.

More FAQs

Do they ship the products?

Yes, we do ship products all over Kolkata. But if you’re outside Kolkata, you can buy our products from Amazon. For corporate bulk orders, we’ll ship using our shipping provider.

Do the corporate gift manufacturers in Kolkata sell occasion-specific gifts too?

Yes, we do sell occasion-specific gifts for popular festivals like Diwali, occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Baby Shower, New year, etc.

Do corporate gift manufacturers customize gifts?

Yes, we Choco Fantasy provide custom branding & personalized gift services. All you have to do is tell us what customization you require we’ll do it.

What is the approximate cost of corporate gifts?

The cost of corporate gifts depends on what type of product you’re buying and in what quantity. We provide a discount on bulk purchases. Typically Handmade chocolate’s price starts from 50 INR.

How long can I keep these chocolates?

Choco fantasy doesn’t compromise on the quality of chocolate. You can keep the chocolates for up to 3 months.

What else do these homemade chocolate retailers sell?

Apart from selling handmade chocolates, we specialize in making cookies. Do try out our chocolate cookies.