Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation by Choco Fantasy Group

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas: Show Your Team You Care

The exchange of gifts evokes pleasant emotions, makes the atmosphere within the company friendly, and makes relationships with management trusting. When employees know that management cares about them and is trying to reward them for their diligence, they work better. But to achieve this effect, it is not enough to choose another mug or chocolate bar. It makes sense to spend a little time and choose useful corporate gifts for employees that will delight everyone. We’ll tell you how to do it right later.

Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation:

It is important to gain the trust of not only clients and partners but also your employees. As long-term research shows, small signs of attention bring huge benefits. So, see below the best gift ideas for employee appreciation.

Corporate Combo Gift:

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas: Show Your Team You Care 1

Choose this package containing a dozen fresh, succulent strawberries coated in rich semi-sweet chocolate. A Corporate combo gift from Choco Fantasy is the best thing you can give to your employee.

This gift collection includes a dozen freshly baked cookies and strawberries, covered in semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate and packaged in a unique “Thank You” box. It also includes a cheerful “Thank You” inflatable as an added expression of gratitude.

This package is filled with goodies to spoil your best employee. It includes the perfect coffee mug, peppermint lip balm, a pair of hair ties, a Grace and Stella under-eye mask, a thank-you note, and a canvas bag personalized with your loved one’s name used in gold letters.

Employee Welcome Kit:

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas: Show Your Team You Care 2

Gone are the days when you could give one souvenir. Today, the trend is prefabricated gifts, the parts of which logically complement each other. A colleague receives a ready-made solution for a specific task. The Employee Welcome Kit from Choco Fantasy is one of the best things you can give to your employees. This may also include reusable cups, coasters, and any other items that come in handy during your lunch break or snack time.

Fitness Set:

If your colleagues spend a lot of time at their desks but don’t have time to get to the gym, you can put together a set of equipment for them to train at work. The set includes a jump rope and an expander – simple things that every person can handle. You don’t need a lot of space or time to practice.

You can take 5 minutes to warm up and then go back to your business. And within a few weeks, the condition will improve, and your mood and performance will increase. This set is also suitable for professional athletes. You don’t have to worry that the accessories won’t fit or will be superfluous.

Great Spa Gift:

Pamper your employee with a spa gift package that can be used at home. It includes a “Thank You For Being Amazing” stainless steel container, two all-natural soaps, a bath bomb, a super hydrating silk cream, and a thank you card.

Silk Scarf:

Choose this beautiful 100% silk scarf to add style to any outfit. With a luxurious look and feel, it features a print of Van Gogh’s painting The Almond Blossoms.

Large Coffee Mug:

This coffee mug set is printed with the words “blessed” and “grateful”. Made of high-quality ceramic, the mug has a generous 18-ounce capacity that makes it easy to hold.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift:

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas: Show Your Team You Care 3

People and companies are increasingly thinking about how to do less harm to the environment. Therefore, all kinds of eco-friendly accessories are coming into fashion. Not long ago we started using reusable cups to buy coffee. And now one of the trends has become a set of reusable cutlery.

It is not metal, which is inconvenient to carry because it weighs more and rattles in your bag while moving. This is fashionable bamboo, which when recycled completely decomposes into safe natural materials.

The set includes a spoon, fork, knife, and even a straw. After all, plastic straws are a product that cannot be recycled, and therefore they cause maximum harm to the environment. And to make the device last longer, it comes with a special cleaning brush. Be kinder to the planet!

The ChocoFantasy Bamboo Texture includes a Bamboo bottle, pen, and notebook.

Gratitude Candle:

This is the case when you can guess with a gift only if you know the person’s tastes and preferences well. It would be more advisable to purchase a certificate for the corresponding store, in which the recipient himself will be able to choose the desired option.

This gratitude candle combines the soothing scents of cucumber and lemon with subtle patchouli. For an extra touch of gratitude, you can even personalize the packaging with a handwritten note.

Casserole Set:

French cuisine is full of secrets. One of them is casserole. This is the name of a pan that is used for long-term stewing of foods over low heat. At the same time, it is used as a dish. We included just such an item for culinary experiments in the set of the same name and also added an apron, an oven mitt, a shovel, and a spoon. Everything a talented chef needs is already included.

Photo Mug:

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas: Show Your Team You Care 4

Tell your employee that their contribution has made a significant difference to your organization and the lives they touch. You can personalize this coffee mug with any photo and a two-line message.

Engraved Flower Box:

This flower box is made from dark-stained natural wood and features an engraved message of inspiration. It comes with three child-sized mason jars, in your choice of color (shiny or linen), and with a decorative ribbon.

Well-designed Terracotta Planters:

These little terracotta planters carry a sweet message. Each comes with everything your child needs to start planting, including a planter, seeds, and a coir-growing medium that allows the plant to water and drain.

For Soul and Body:

Self-care helps you maintain an attractive appearance, which is equally important for both work and personal life:

A certificate for visiting a massage parlor is a universal option that will help you fully relax and relieve stress. Makeup lessons are an excellent option for the fair sex who care about their appearance.

A professional photo shoot, including with family or friends, will become a memorable event, the positive impressions of which can be shared with others on social networks.

Gift coupons for visits to popular stores specializing in the sale of cosmetics or perfumes are a good reason to cheer yourself up and make a long-awaited purchase.

ChocoFantasy Customized Corporate Gift Box:

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas: Show Your Team You Care 5

Nothing says “thank you” like a gift filled with delicious treats. This gift basket is full of good things to share with the whole office. Such products, as a rule, are not very convenient for the workplace, and not everyone wants to take them home. If you want to buy some small things, it is better to opt for useful things, such as a pen,  keychain, etc.


If you are going to give a colleague a small gift, the main thing is that the gift evokes positive emotions and leaves a pleasant impression. Thanks to the catalog of the Art-Souvenirs online store, finding a suitable solution will not be difficult – the entire range presented is always in stock and delivered as quickly as possible.

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