Layered Chocolates

Layered-ChocolatesThese dual-layered fantasies are an out of the box creation that provides you with two sumptuous flavors like orange and dark, or white chocolate and milk chocolate at the same time.

We often make three different layers of three different flavors for this product that guarantees 100% contentment.

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the chocolaty flavor of strawberry or/and orange as you pair these with popcorn and binge watch your favorite TV series.

Once you take a taste of this sweet evil they can be your favorite midnight snack as well. Overall, it can be concluded that layered chocolates from Choco Fantasy are a chocolate lover’s dream as they serve you with so much of so many at the same time.

If you’re looking for any confectionery in Kolkata, then look no further, we Choco fantasy Kolkata make awesome delicious desserts in the entire region.


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