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Milk Chocolates

Milk Chocolates

Milk Chocolate is one of the major types of chocolate along with Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate. Milk Chocolates are an indulgent melt-in-the-mouth treat that is made by blending solid chocolate with the milk powder, liquid milk or condensed milk, each giving the chocolate a unique and varied taste.

The best milk chocolate flaunts a distinct shine and although not as delicate as dark chocolate, should have a definite snap when you break it.

One study, published in the British Journal of Cancer in 2009, found that phenolics, a naturally occurring antioxidant present in chocolate, amped up the immunity system. Rough, dry hair can be made satiny and bright by layering it in a chocolate mask (by mixing cocoa powder with natural yogurt, oil, and honey), or one can add some cocoa powder to their favorite conditioner.

A 12-year study of the snacking habits of 21,000 people showed that regular ingestion of milk chocolate can cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

A humble bar of milk chocolate, researchers say, can be just as good for the heart as its dark counterpart. Far from being a guilty pleasure, the sweet treat is somewhat of a superfood, with appreciable consequences ranging from boosting memory to hydrating skin.

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