Top Trendy Corporate Gifts For New Year In India

Top 9 Trendy Corporate Gifts For New Year In India

For your end-of-year corporate gifts, do you want to be sure to create a sensation, please? Or do you simply want to offer something other than gift vouchers?

Focus on originality and physical products. After utility, originality is one of the main criteria for a good promotional item or gift that will make an impression. This is true for objects intended for your customers, but also for your employees.

So, see below some best corporate gifts for the new year.

Corporate Gifting 101: 9 Best Corporate Gifts For New Year 2024:

Are you thinking about giving promotional items for the new year, but you don’t know what to choose?

We all know that finding gift ideas is long, difficult, and quickly boring. When it comes to promotional items, we can help you choose. There are different types of customizable or other products for businesses.

So, see below the best corporate gifts for the new year.

Mug with an Inscription:

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If you show creativity, a mug can be a cute New Year’s gift. A regular cup can also be a good option, but add a little of your imagination for originality. Give your friends a Christmas mug with an inscription. It can be a notation of how much you love your friend, some funny phrase, or an ordinary holiday wish. The main thing is to design the inscription interestingly so that this mug reminds only of you.

Personalized Photo Board:

Pictures always remind us of memories. And we sure like to relive the happy memories of the bygone days.

So, we say, start digging in. Look through the old family albums as well as your phones and jot down the most loving pictures. The next step is getting aboard. A wooden board, cardboard, or an old study board would do!

Now what?

Start sticking the pictures to the board. You can stick the pictures randomly or in a heart shape. For the special touch, add some colorful ribbons, strips of lights, or string lights and your personalized photo board is ready. Now gift it to your family or friends and let nostalgia take over!

Gift Vouchers:

You probably know them and you have certainly already received them, gift vouchers are a reference when it comes to corporate Christmas gifts.

In the form of checkbooks including numerous discounts from the biggest merchants, it is a simple and effective gift idea. Indeed, it is always a pleasure and is often useful to us.

However, this type of reward can quickly become redundant and lack originality. This is why real, tangible, and trendy gifts may be preferable. 

Homemade Cakes and Cookies:

Top 9 Trendy Corporate Gifts For New Year In India 2

Homemade cakes and cookies are one of the most popular New Year gifts for friends as well as family.

As the old people always say any festival or celebration is incomplete without eating any sweets and the same applies to the New Year festival where everyone wants to start the new year with some sweets.

So, on this new year, if you can gift a box of homemade cakes or cookies to your friends and family members, they will be delighted because you have made a special effort to prepare this gift for them.

Chocolate Hamper:

Top 9 Trendy Corporate Gifts For New Year In India 3

This New Year, sweeten up the blissful celebration with exotic chocolate hampers and convey your greetings to your friends. Amaze them with trendy chocolate bouquets and hampers that include a variety of chocolates such as dark chocolates, mint chocolates, nuts chocolates, caramel chocolates, etc. Send flavor choco hampers to your dearies and wish them well on the occasion of the New Year.

You can get chocolate from the Choco Fantasy store. They have a range of products you can give as corporate gifts.

Personalized Gifts:

Maybe a little late on the list, but an option without which your New Year’s gift list wouldn’t be complete. From personalized wall posters to calendars to stationery to home decor, from beer glasses to other personalized gifts; Choose the one that best suits your recipient.

Just like gift vouchers, you have most certainly already received them, whether in your professional or personal life. These baskets made up of different delicacies or local culinary specialties are always pleasant to receive.

In addition, there is often the possibility of combining them with different products. It is therefore a good idea for a Christmas reward for your employees or your customers in the form of a competition for example. If you like this idea but want to personalize it further, we can create gift packs for you consisting of the objects of your choice from those present in our catalog.

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Health Vouchers:

January is all about resolutions, but it requires a whole lot of motivation to stick to those resolutions. Since resolutions are the easiest to break and hardest to maintain, health vouchers are a great New Year’s gift idea for your employees. Health vouchers come in the form of a card that can be redeemed at the gym or any health-related facility.

Providing your employees with something that matters to them that will also help them take better care of themselves is a great way to boost employee morale.

Work Desk Items:

If you’re looking for a great New Year gift idea for your employees, give them something practical and useful. We think that desk stationery items are perfect for this occasion.

A desktop item is an item that can be placed on a desk in the office. For example, it could be a mug, a paperweight, or a picture frame. It doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive. It could even be a plant.

Self Pamper Kit:

Sometimes, you need to wrap up the year with some special ‘me’ time. You can do the same for your employees too! Let your employees start the new year off on a high note. And nothing kicks off a new year better than a pampering experience!

From massages to luxury bathroom kits, gift your employees an opportunity to relax, refresh, and rededicate themselves to being their best selves this new year.


The holiday season is often an opportune time to give gifts to the people you love. Indeed, Christmas rhymes with gifts.

But this tradition is not essentially reserved for our private and family life. Indeed, in the professional world as well, end-of-year gifts are becoming more and more common.

This practice is used by large global and national companies as well as smaller companies. It’s an excellent way to thank your employees, partners and customers.

Although this is not a formality for everyone, the practice of end-of-year corporate gifts is not new. It has even been a tradition for many years in certain companies, especially the largest ones.

They have a habit of rewarding their employees during the end-of-year celebrations with gifts.

However, we often find the same types of rewards, which have become real classics in terms of corporate gifts.

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