New Year Gift Ideas for Employees

New Year Gift Ideas for Employees in India


This year escalated quickly. Wasn’t it just another ice cream stick under the scorching heat of the May summer sun? Wait, didn’t the abrupt rains spoil most of our plans?

When did the fireworks stop………….?


Not only do you have to take care of Christmas and Thanksgiving, but also the New Year arrives. Everything should go just according to the plan like it has all the while for the rest of the year.

2023 should be bid goodbye in the sweetest way, along with a parting adieu to all the happiness and sorrow that it might have brought along.

All that’ll remain now are, frankly, memories and every memory of yours is sacred to us, as well, and what’s best than a New Year gift to be counted as an everlasting memory of this year?

Be it a gift to your loved ones when the ball drops at midnight or maybe a box of goodies to kickstart the first week with, in your office, we have it all.

We know the ingredients to seize the New Year for you and our confetti comes in boxes of eco-friendly products to make your 2023 happy, prosperous and clean.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out our loaded gift boxes- to you and your loved ones, from us, with love. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, once again.

Are you lucky enough to work in the office?

Then give the neighbor a “hammer for the feet” or koto-clock “on the desk”.

What kind of gift a colleague can give in the new year?

Let’s start the list with more squat things: pens, deodorants, various gels, and afterglow greeting cards.

Everything here is standard and sensible. We will not consider stupid things.

Our goal is to surprise and please, and so we will give something unusual.

18 Best New Year Gift Ideas for Employees in India

New Year Gift Ideas for Employees in India 1
Diwali Specialised Chocolates Gift Boxes

Skincare Hamper:

In all honesty, everybody adores a decent skincare system. A collection of shampoos, cleansers, some incense sticks, and great cream – looks pretty, yet additionally takes great consideration of your old buddy who dealt with you in the midst of hardship. Add some body margarine and a natural lip ointment to that bin, and your companion will show up new, detoxed, and as new as a daisy.

Bottle Lamp:

Jug Lamp is a novel and minimal distinctive plan to bless your friends and family as it tends to be utilized as a night light and furthermore for improvement. You can either buy it from the market, or you can get it at your home. The decision is all yours.

Fitness Band:

Your accomplice probably made a fresh new goal of managing that stomach swell. Be a decent buddy and bless him/her with a wellness brand that will help them seek after their goal in a more smoothed-out manner.

This is likewise an incredible present for your diabetic companion who needs to monitor his/her means or your dad, who needs to go that additional mile to consume his calories.

Whatever the explanation, or whoever is the present for, a wellness band implies you mean the best for them!

Chocolate Sprinkle Balls From Choco Fantasy:

New Year Gift Ideas for Employees in India 2

Dark chocolates are a delicacy that nobody indulges in for once, thus Choco Fantasy has a wide array of dark chocolate treats to choose from.

One among them is the Chocolate Sprinkle balls, which are basically palatable, solid dark chocolate balls coated with fruity chocolate sprinkles.

These come with all the health benefits of dark chocolate along with the fruity flavor of pineapple, banana, orange, etc.

Wrist Watches:

In the event that you still have not had the option to sort out what to bless, have you considered gifting a watch?

Watches contain a representative significance and that can be cherished until the end of time. There can be nothing more wonderful than purchasing an architectural watch for a friend or family member.

Storage Boxes:

We’ve all observed those capacity boxes at the store and on the web and have longed for them. They save a ton of room and make a room, particularly a storeroom look magnificently clean.

Make your companion’s life simpler and their room prettier by gifting him/her a bunch of capacity boxes.

Not exclusively will they make their life mess-free, yet will likewise credit you for a total wardrobe makeover!

Assorted Chocolate Gift Box From Choco Fantasy:

Chocolate Gift Boxes are the most ideal and lavish option as a gift and come in various weights with a price varying accordingly. The chocolates included in the box are sumptuous and exclusive. A few boxes are made of pinewood and are given a loving finish to match the quality of the chocolates.


Nothing says “I love you and I confide in you” in excess of a plant. A plant as a blessing portrays your visually impaired confidence in somebody, who you can trust with your life! A green, natural, oxygen-diffusing living thing, a plant deals with your companion and refines this poisonous air to the best of its abilities. All it requires is some water and daylight!

New Year Diary (A5 pages)

This quirky, eco-friendly diary comes with a bookmark, is available in two suave colors (light pink and cream), and can be recycled after use. Writing a journal? Writing a story? Maybe just to pen down your personal thoughts? Or a random doodle? There are 200 pages just for you and whatever you want to create. Certainly, a best friend to your pen.

New Year Calendar

It might seem like your ordinary corporate calendar, but this is nothing like your usual table accessory.

The reusable calendar will add fervor to your New Year as it comes with eco-friendly quotes, an unorthodox design template and an added 2023 sheet calendar to seal the deal. Plus, you can place this calendar on a wooden stand that comes exclusively with the package.

Mobile Back Cover:

Gone are the days when portable covers were simply used to ensure versatility.

Today, they permit you to show your character. From mainstream statements to photos, there are assorted sorts of telephone covers that can be talented. A customized creator of portable covers can be wonderful to begin the year in full style.

Assorted Chocolate Gift Hamper From Choco Fantasy:

New Year Gift Ideas for Employees in India 3

Assorted chocolate gift hampers are an ideal option to present for new year gift ideas for employees and other festivals. Dark and milk chocolates are both available in this hamper and their price varies according to the quantity and weight of the hamper. The chocolates come in different shapes like rose, square, and circular and the packaging is lustrous and attractive done with safe and shiny foil wrappers.

Eco-Friendly Stationery Kit (1):

This New Year gift someone the best of recyclable stationery products right from our store.

The Eco-Friendly Stationery Kit has a notepad, calendar for 2023, pens, and pencils, and all of this is placed inside a jute bag.

Be it any corporate event or a creative corner, this kit is the answer to a working or idle mind’s tools.

Eco-Friendly Stationery Kit (2):

With New Year arriving soon, a fresh start certainly brews alongside your first cup of coffee in the year 2023.

While sipping that cup of coffee, how about reusable pieces of paper to quickly gather the first thoughts that would crop up in your mind at the beginning of the year and save them with a bookmark?

Worth a shot, right?

We have just the package that you need to begin your year with- an eco-friendly notepad, pens, and a calendar so that you don’t miss what’s important to you. It doesn’t end there.

This stationery kit also comes with coco peat discs and coconut husk pots, which can be used to plant more flowers in your garden.

Gift this to yourself or your loved ones or even your corporate friends for a much-cherished New Year’s smile on their faces and yours, too.

Eco-Friendly Stationery Kit (3):

New Year begins with exchanging goodies, and smiles, and building happy memories. Keeping all those in mind, we bring you this exclusive eco-friendly gifting set that consists of a diary, bamboo pen, playing cards, coconut husk planters, cocopeat discs, organic fertilizer, and a calendar.

Customizable according to your wish, this is your go-to gift to someone for an even more joyful and prosperous New Year.

We plan to keep it as natural as we can and expect your 2023 to be greener.

Eco-Friendly Goodness Bag:

This is literally the closest we could get to what Santa had in mind for all that is sustainable and in abundance.

This “Seal the Deal” bag comes with a bamboo pen, pencils, pens, a calendar, a diary, coconut husk pots, cocopeat discs, a cork pen stand, playing cards, a cork tray, cork coasters, reusable cork box, soy wax cork candles, and all of this along with a jute sling bag inside. What’s more?

Each and every product is made from a sustainable material and strictly follows the 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle), so why not start the year ahead by making it cleaner and less shitty (literally!)?

New Year Gift Set:

Well, what can actually go wrong with you, showing up at a guest’s house, at the start of the year, with an elegant and eco-friendly gift set? Nothing. This gift set consists of pencils, pens, a cork tray, cork coasters, a calendar, playing cards, a diary, a coco pot, and a cocopeat. Sounds like an almost perfect gift, doesn’t it?

Check out our entire product catalog from our online Choco fantasy store.

About Choco Fantasy:

We’re a premier handmade chocolate maker based in Kolkata, we offer personalized corporate gifting solutions with custom branding for employees & clients.

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