Funny Rakhi Ideas for Siblings

Top 10 Funny Rakhi Ideas for Siblings

It is Rakhi, and it is time to give your beloved sibling the best gift she can have and watch her laugh or get annoyed.

Here are the top 10 funny gifts you can give your sibling:

The picture-perfect T-shirt

Our siblings have annoying or embarrassing pictures of each other. It is time to use them properly. So, here is the plan. Take an embarrassing picture of your sibling and print it on a shirt.

Make sure the picture is clear and printed properly. Now, it is time for the perfect packaging.

The packaging must look classy and with messages which will make your siblings think they’re getting something really good but when they open it, the real fun begins, and it is time for you to hide or run for your life.

A prank like this will surely entertain the whole house. Your siblings might not wear it but they surely remember it for a long time.

The Mona Lisa

Top 10 Funny Rakhi Ideas for Siblings 1

The Mona Lisa is one of the best and most famous paintings in the world. The replicas of the original pictures are sold and many households keep them as decorative pieces.

It is time to notch up your skills here. Take a picture of your sibling and replace it with the face of the Mona Lisa. This surely makes sure your siblings have a good laugh and display it in their rooms.

 The stupid mug

Mugs are very useful and always a good thing to gift. People collect it and also drink from it. So, here is a chance to take a dig at her.

At the bottom of the mug, write something like, “I am stupid” or “I have anger issues” or print a picture of a stupid animal of your choice.

This might go unnoticed and the longer it is unnoticed, the better. As your siblings use it, it might crack some laughter from time to time in the house.

But the day she will notice it, that will probably be your last laugh and you must run for your life.

A very good way to annoy your siblings.

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The cat paw oven glove

If your sibling is a cook or uses the oven from time to time, it is the perfect opportunity for you to make the experience a funny one. Gift her a custom-made oven glove that looks like a cat’s paw.

So, every time she takes out food from the oven, she will see a cat paw doing it for her. This will surely crack her up into laughter from time to time and hence, you’ve achieved success.  

Kermit the frog puppet

Kermit the frog is a sensation among young people. It is a certified meme that never fails to tickle your funny bone. So, a puppet of Kermit the frog will help your sibling be creative and funny.

The frog itself is funny enough without even doing anything with it but on top of that, if it is used as a puppet in the house, this might just be the perfect weapon for your sibling to annoy everyone at home.

Friend, family, or even random strangers, it can be used on anyone and it will either make them laugh out loud or irritate them. Either way, you’ve achieved your target. 

Customized pillows

Top 10 Funny Rakhi Ideas for Siblings 2

Pillows are utility gifts that are also used as decorative pieces. Gifting a good soft and high-quality pillow should be one of your priorities if you want your sibling to sleep comfortably.

But here is the catch, people can’t have two things at once.

So you just need to get your face printed on the pillow. As much as the pillow will comfort her, your face will do an equally good job at neutralizing that comfort.

The funnier of a face you make, the better the effect will be. So, head out and give her the best pillow with the worst print.

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Customized wall clock

Top 10 Funny Rakhi Ideas for Siblings 3

For this gift, you need to know when your sibling goes to sleep and wakes up. So, after you’ve got that set all you need to do is customize the background of the clock.

Create ranges in the clock with timestamps according to your sibling’s sleep cycle.

For example, if your sibling sleeps between 11 pm to 7 am then replaces that part with “Buzzzz…”, the times she uses her phone replace that part with something like, “The phone hero”.

Like this divide the whole clock according to her routine. This will work the best if your sibling has a very bad schedule and you want her to improve it.

This will not only be a funny gift but also spread awareness that she needs to get her routine straight.

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Makeup bag

If your sister is into cosmetics too much, it is time to gift her the make-up bag of her life. Her life. A make-up bag that has a message like “This bag contains my face” will surely convey a message that she photoshops her face with her make-up and overdo things.

Before you go ahead with this, let me tell you this will annoy your sister a lot and might get you into a lot of trouble. So, if you’re daring enough then you may go for this particular idea. 

The diet guide

If your sibling has a bad diet and is eating too much junk food then this might be a funny thing to do. You need to wear your research caps for this particular thing.

Find out her favorite junk foods. Make a list of at least 5 of them. Then find out why these are bad for fitness. Write them down and print a couple of posters.

Then stick it on the fridge, her room door, ovens, and kitchen wall. Everywhere she will go in the house, she will see her favorite foods being considered “not good” for her.

This will surely tickle the funny bone and also might end up helping to control destructive food habits. As a gift, it works like a charm both from a fun and healthy perspective. 

A simple gift card

A simple gift card can bring smiles to your sibling’s face and if the message written there is “Sometimes, talking to your sister is all the therapy you need. Sometimes after talking to your sister you need therapy.” 

Simple and effective.

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